Lots of intimate procedures

Do you have your favorite entertainment, but you need anything new? It is absolutely normal.

Everyone has a method on how to remove stress from his body. It can be stress from work, or only because of worries. It is really important to remove it, because if you don`t do that, you can experience physical illnesses or burnout. Have any time only for you. You can do any sport, play any game. Someone solve this probleme in special way – sex. But what if you don`t have any partner, but you need this type of relaxation? We cannot offer you exactly this, but maybe finally our services can be more than sex.

Pretty girls

Our Matahari salon offers very special procedures that can shoot you on Mars and back. There are very handy masseuses, who will take care of your stressed body. Our procedures are special thanks to hot touches and excitement. The girl will be only in sexy underwear or she can be naked – along your wish, and she will take care of your muscles. Classical erotic massage prague Mataharisalon includes touches by hot oils on whole body, she will touch you also on intimate parts of your body. There is also a body to body massage that is special thanks to touches by the masseuse´s body. You can absolutely relax and it is not only about your body, but also about your mind. There is no space for worries, bad minds or shame. Be positive and enjoy your time under the hands of a pretty girl, who is a specialist in her discipline.

Handy masseuse

There are more types of massage and you can choose the best for you. Choose for example only body to body massage, penis massage or couple erotic procedure – you can take your partner and enjoy common time, maybe know anything new and enjoy professional access. If you need something more special, you can try a penis massage that is a really intimate procedure.
There is also a special procedure for a woman – it is not only about soft touches, but you can learn here, which touches man loves.